I’ve written stories by hand since I was a little kid, and I’ve written three first drafts of novels by hand in the last six years. I’ve tried out a lot of office supplies. In this newsletter, I talk about pens, ink, pencils, markers, notebooks, tape, and probably even paper…
Also a Faber Castell gel stick that I think was sold at Michaels for like, five seconds
Some extra info if you’re as nerdy about this stuff as I am: The Seven Seas notebook comes from www.nanamipaper.com, which can be an interesting…
P.S. It’s just Sharpie on the washi tape. P.P.S. Kokuyo Systemic notebook covers fit really well on the A5 size Stalogy 360. They’re not gorgeous, but…
Guest entries welcomed. Also: no snobs here — if you’re into ballpoints and sticky notes, that’s great! Get in touch.
Hey! If you’d like to do one of these, let me know — email, or DM gnomeloaf on Twitter.
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